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BAIN TwinCAT Trainings
BAIN TR1010 TwinCAT 2 Training: Commissioning, Mainte-
nance and Service
BAIN TR1020 TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC Programming
BAIN TR3010 TwinCAT 3 Training: Maintenance, repairs and service
BAIN TR3020 TwinCAT 3 Training: Basic PLC programming
Motion Control
BAIN TR2020 TwinCAT 2 Training: NC Point to Point
BAIN TR2030 TwinCAT 2 Training: NC Point to Point and NC Interpolation
BAIN TR3050 TwinCAT 3 Training: PLC programming, NC Point to Point
BAIN TR3052 TwinCAT 3 Training: NC Point-to-Point and NC-Interpolation
BAIN TR3054 TwinCAT 3 Training: CNC
TR8010 TwinCAT 2 Training: TwinSAFE
TR8020 TwinCAT 2 Training: EtherCAT
BAIN TR1900 TwinCAT Individual Training

Training Centre: Pune
Beckhoff Automation Pvt. Ltd.
9th Floor, Suyog Platinum Tower
Naylor Road, Off Mangaldas Road
Pune – 411001

Training Centre: Ahmedabad
Beckhoff Automation Pvt. Ltd.
10th Floor, 1005, Venus Atlantis
Corporate Park,
Anandnagar Road,
Ahmedabad – 380015

Training Centre: Bangalore
Beckhoff Automation Pvt. Ltd.
No. 15, Shraddhananda Bhavan, 1st Floor,
New Market Road, V V Puram
Bangalore 560004