TR3050 | TwinCAT-3 PLC programming, NC-PTP, NC-I Programming Training

TR3050 | TwinCAT 3 – PLC programming, NC Point to Point

The Training program starts with introduction to Beckhoff the Automation Technology Company, Concept of PC based control system, Real Time OS, TwinCAT 3 Overview, Functionalities eXtended Automation Engineering, eXtended Automation (Runtime) & Configuration of PC based Control system.

Visual Studio Versions, Integration of TwinCAT System Manager, Licensing, Real time settings, task management, EtherCAT features, Variable declarations, TC-3 project & practice TwinCAT3 XAR- Routing Target system, Hardware Scan, Function blocks, project download & Upload, Back up management.

TwinCAT Visualization (HMI software), TC3 Measurement project, integrated scope.

TwinCAT NC-PTP configuration, setting up of axis, Linking NC axis to servo drive, EtherCAT Drive parameterization with TC Drive manager Tool, Online Monitoring of Axis profiles, TwinCAT NC-PTP programming, Introduction to TCMC2 Motion Libraries, developing sample project, hands on.

Introduction to NC functionalities with CAMMING Demo, EtherCAT diagnostics, Software backup, ADS, OPC Communication, hands on PLC, Motion programming.

Pre-requisites:  Should know basic PLC and Motion system.
For Whom:  Special purpose Machine Manufacturers planning to use TwinCAT 3 or Beckhoff PC based control systems for Point-To-Point Motion Control applications.
Duration:  4 Days