TR2020 | TwinCAT Training: NC Point-to-Point and NC Interpolation

TR2030 | TwinCAT 2 Training: PLC and Advance Motion (NC PTP and NC-I)

The focus of this training is IEC 61131-3 programming under TwinCAT for PLC, NC Point to Point and NC-Interpolation Motion Control.

– Communication with Hardware
– Input /Output Variable Declarations and Standard Data Types used
– Linking of Software Variables with Hardware Inputs and Outputs
– Use of standard Function Blocks and Functions from standard Library.
– Creating User Defined Function Block and Function and Libraries.
– Automatic PLC start, Data Remanence and Source code Download.
– TwinCAT Visuliastaion and PLC HMI software.
– ADS Connectivity

– Setting up an axis in NC Configuration
– Setting up Communication and Parameterization of Servo Drive (EtherCAT Drives)
– Calculation of Scaling Factor, Reference velocity and other important settings in an Axis
– Introduction to Motion Control Library (TCMC.lib)
– Programming examples using standard Function Blocks from Motion Control Lib
– Twincat Scope View for online monitoring of set and actual profiles of an axis

– Setting up of Interpolation Channel and Axis Groups in NC Configuration
– Creating a Part Program
– Sequential control from the system manager
– PLC libraries for creating NC channels and for controlling the interpreter
– Sequential control from the PLC
– Communication between NC program and PLC program (M functions)
– Exchange of parameters between NC program and PLC (H, S and T)
– Set value monitoring for the path from TwinCAT Scope

Requirements: Experience of PLC Programming and Good Knowledge of Windows O.S.
Recommended for: OEM, SI, End Users
Duration: 5 Days