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28.05.20 | TwinCAT/BSD: operating system for Industrial PCs
An alternative operating system – TwinCAT/BSD – will be available for selected Beckhoff Industrial PC platforms. TwinCAT/BSD combines the TwinCAT 3 runtime XAR with FreeBSD, an industrially tested and reliable open source operating system. learn more

27.05.20 | Complete safety application can be realized directly within the IP 67 environment
With eight fail-safe digital outputs and a programmable TwinSAFE Logic, the EP2918-0032 enables the implementation of safety applications directly in the EtherCAT Box. learn more

26.05.20 | Ginolis: PC-based control for Covid-19 rapid testing production lines
Compact automation technology makes modular production of rapid testing equipment possible learn more

22.05.20 | 24-bit encoder for all flange codes – SIL 2-capable without any extra costs
The AM8xxx servomotors are suitable for high-precision safety applications when equipped with the certified safety encoder with its extremely high accuracy of ±30 angular seconds. More about the highly dynamic servomotors

19.05.20 | Labplas, Canada: Highest level of flexibility in sterile sampling bag production with PC-based control
In a redesign with PC-based control, Labplas has been able to increase productivity and also to integrate pick-and-place robots, which replace the manual insertion of accessories into the bags. learn more

18.05.20 | TwinCAT IoT Update – Integration of HTTPS/REST-based services
Learn more abot new possibilities in the field of TwinCAT IoT using TwinCAT 3 Function TF6760 and the integration of HTTPS/REST-based services.
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15.05.20 | TwinCAT Vision | Product introduction
Beckhoff adds integrated image processing functionality to the automation software suite TwinCAT. In this 30-minute webinar, you can learn more about the advantages of integrating machine vision into the TwinCAT real-time environment. Register now for the webinar

14.05.20 | Beckhoff’s economic situation remains stable
Unrestricted production capacity and ability to deliver
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13.05.20 | Automated mask production with PC-based Control
To fight the spread of Covid-19 Chinese integrator Booltech develops innovative solutions to produce protective face masks using EtherCAT and TwinCAT. learn more

08.05.20 | Floating planar mover simplifies transportation of sensitive workpieces
Plasmatreat, Germany presents XPlanar-based plasma treatment unit learn more

04.05.20 | TwinCAT Vision integrates image processing into the TwinCAT product range
Based on the idea of PC-based control, TwinCAT Vision now incorporates image processing as well as PLC, motion control, robotics, high-end measurement technology, IoT and HMI on one central control platform.
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