Partnering with India for Automation Technology

Message from Managing Director Beckhoff India: Motivated to promote entrepreneurship using Creative Automation for Indian machine builders

The Indian machine building industry is rejuvenating their business by implementing New Automation Technology in the manufacturing sector. Many aspiring Indian engineers, entrepreneurs and next generation graduates are waiting to prove their mettle.

Beckhoff is committed to provide them a future-proof open automation platform for implementing solutions for the most challenging applications. Most important is creating the awareness of using a PC as automation hardware and TwinCAT as an engineering software tool among the shop-floor engineers and the top-floor investors, so also the next-gen engineers. To achieve this, Beckhoff India focusses on training and application development support.

The Beckhoff team in India is constantly applying itself to guiding and supporting the Indian manufacturers and machine builders, solution providers to upgrade the control systems for building higher-performance machines.

Beckhoff encourages to see the larger picture of returns on investments by focusing on the product lifecycle cost rather than the initial cost. It also encourages focusing on the end user benefits.

Today customization is the key for business competitiveness and for being a preferred vendor implementing creative automation is mandatory to take the machine performance to a higher level.

Creative Automation means to be able to rethink the control system architecture. Of course, this calls for open hardware and an open programming platform with multiple options to achieve the desired benchmarks.

Beckhoff addresses precisely this requirement with the EtherCAT fieldbus technology, the reliable open hardware like Industrial PCs, Embedded PCs, the large variety of fieldbus I/O modules, motion technology products and the IT integrated automation programming tool TwinCAT.

Beckhoff enables manufacturers to be globally competitive.

Beckhoff has enabled many Indian machine builders to use Beckhoff automation solutions in different industries like plastics, pharma, packaging, metal cutting & forming, testing and measurement and wind power.